This is a protoytype of how "Markdown-Editables" in a flat-file-cms could look like

  • Go to the Adminpanel and authenticate with password "test", then return to the frontend again.
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  • This installation RESETS ITSELF EVERY HOUR! It is based on:
    • Herbie Flat File CMS & Blog by Thomas Breuss.
    • Sir Trevor from made by many is an intuitive editor for web content which does not presuppose anything about how it will be rendered.
    • Jeditable - Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery from Mika Tuupola.
    • SimpleMDE is a simple, embeddable, and beautiful JS markdown editor by Next Step Webs.

I'm here to be changed!

The whole content of each page is stored in one single markdown-file, can be separated into different "segments" in order to render them at separate locations in the twig-template and can easily be edited through the adminpanel or directly in the filesystem eg. through a ftp-connection, webDAV or ownCloud-installation.

In some cases it is more conveniant to be able to change the contents directly through the frontend of the website, where you can see your changes in the context of your actual layout.

As markdown itself is beautiful method for text-formatting without needing an overloaded WYSIWYG-editor, it is perfectly suited to provide an inline-access to each underlying paragraph.

Sadly, some of my customers couldn't share my enthusiasm for raw markdown, so i searched for some solutions to make markdown-editing more conveniant and decided to include sir-trevor-js and SimpleMDE.

If you're logged in, you can choose between the two by clicking on the links on the right side of the top-adminpanel:


In case you've chosen SimpleMDE, just click on one of the paragraphs to activate the editor.


(This is segment "left")

SimpleMDE offers you a simple toolbar helping you with the markdown-editing, like highlighting, linking, defining lists or embedding images.

Additionally you can toggle it to fullscreen-size and/or split the screen in half to preview your changes while typing.

It doesn't offer you the possibility to upload picture directly. This can be done with Sir-Trevor.


(This is segment "right")

Sir-Trevor offers you a different editing environment: You can only choose from predefined types of content-blocks. These blocks can then be created, edited, deleted and, keeping the "up-down-arrow" pressed, moved around.

If you choose to add an image-block, Sir-Trevor offers you the possibility to upload an image directly via the frontend ( drag'n drop or file-selector).

You can edit multiple contentblocks, but don't forget to "click to save changes" on the bottom of the screen.


This is not Herbie ;-)